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It’s no good, I’ve spent too long away from my WordPress plugins and need to spend more time on them. The last few months I’ve been revamping my site and, due to other circumstances, spending far too long having to re-visit as many of my 1000+ posts and editing them. However, I gave myself a deadline and that’s the end of this week. My post editing is done and any work this weekend will be final tweaks to the site itself.

So, what’s been happening? Well, I changed my site theme but also decided to split out WordPress to a separate site. I later realised the latter wasn’t the right choice and ended up merging them back again. Unfortunately, this was coupled by a number of rather nasty hacks, which embedded code onto my site that caused pop-ups ads to appear whenever you clicked on anything. At one point I had experts from both WordFence and Sucuri looking at it, both coming up empty-handed. I think I worked out how it was being done and have, fingers crossed, stopped it for now. I’d like to right about it further but fear that revealing anything further might allow the hackers to find a way back into my site again. So, maybe that’s for another day 😀

But, yeah, the hack. In an effort to shake it I decided to rebuild my site but, unlike previously, this included a fresh database build, losing all my media library and causing me to have to rebuild it again. That broke all my galleries and, in some cases, caused broken images – fixing those is what I’ve spent the last few weeks doing. But I have a lot of posts and many are quite old so I’ve got to the point where I’ve decided it’s enough.

From Monday I’m back to my plugins, shipping their shape and generally giving them a good polish.

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