My Wedding Singer Diary – Part 5

It’s just 8 days to go and nerves are beginning to show as rehearsals become more stressful (but still a lot of fun!). Ticket sales, sadly, aren’t doing so well which is a shame – the show is fantastic. Just in case you weren’t sure how to get them, here’s a really easy way…

However, I thought I’d make this diary entry a bit different by sharing a few photos. A photographer was present at a recent rehearsal so hopefully I’ll have something more to share in the near future 🙂 Meantime, click on any of the images below for a bigger version.

Band Call

A bit earlier than usual we’ve had our first “band call” – this is when we finally get to sing alongside the show band (rather than just Dan on a keyboard – Dan is great but, yeah, he’s not a full band!).

And it sounded amazing!

My official photo for the programme

I’m not sure about being labelled simply as “Bum” but that’s life I guess 😉 But I like the picture and, particularly, what’s been done with it to make it look like an old Polaroid.

My Costumes!

I have so many costume changes for this show I’ve bought a portable rail! And even then, at the time of taking this picture, not everything is on it (and some are liable to change!)

My Wind Down!

After a show I like to relax with some Lego building, so here’s my partial order (in this case, Star Wars Lego and, more specifically, from the new Rogue One movie). One box is still out of stock – hopefully I’ll get it in the next couple of weeks!


I have quite a few props for this show, many sourced and thought out by myself. In the case of this Secret-Service style ear-piece, it cost less than £3 brand-new. In fact it’s an actual ear-piece that fully works when connected to the right equipment.

Ruining It All!

Yes, that’s blackcurrant juice. I’ve bought a stock of it for the opening number, where I’m the “boozed up” best man – I’ll be chucking it down my front before going on stage each night for that “spilled red wine” look. Hmmm.

Advertising Wherever We Can!

To boost ticket sales we try and advertise wherever we can. My car’s windows are blacked out but my wife’s car has a flyer in it – you never know who might see it and be interested! We also have in our living room window just in case, you know, the Postman or Sainsbury’s delivery guy wants to see a show 😉

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