Amazon “fall short” once again with their customer service

So, on Tuesday, the 9-disc Blu-Ray set of the first 6 Star Wars films dropped in price to just £40 on Amazon. I’d been waiting a while for this so immediately ordered it – I rarely upgrade my DVDs to Blu-Ray but, in the case of Star Wars, I’m happy to make an exception.

On Wednesday evening, I got a pop-up message on my phone to indicate that the parcel had been delivered. Except it hadn’t. No card through the door and order screen says it was “handed to the householder”. No, it wasn’t.

Their own information on deliveries states this can happen as couriers mark things in advance and to give them until 10pm, which is the latest they deliver. When that time came, I dropped them an email.

At approximately 3am on Wednesday I had a reply. Quite a grovelling, apologetic reply although one line is important…

In this situation I’ve now contacted Amazon logistic on your behalf to investigate the location of your parcel and will update you within next 24 hours.

I left it, awaiting their response “within next 24 hours”. 24 hours came and went and I had no reply.

This morning I used their chat service to speak to them. They offered me one option – refund me the money so that I can re-order it.

Except Amazon have run out of stock and the next cheapest third-party supplier is selling it for a shade over £45. I mention this but they refuse to “price match” as it’s a third-party seller.

So, I’ve asked for my £40 refunded and, well, that’s it. I don’t have my Blu-Rays, which I was excited about receiving.

Let’s get one thing straight – Amazon messed up here by not only not delivering the product to me but lying and saying it had been handed over to us. The very least they should be doing is ensuring I get the product I ordered and at the price I paid. Anything else is only going to leave a less-than-impressed customer.

Talk to me!

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