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So, this is the weirdest thing. I was perusing Twitter earlier and saw the hashtag #HuntMustGo was trending. What was that about? I clicked on it and noticed a top post was from the comedian Johnny Vegas. I clicked through to his account, for no particular reason I’ll admit, and noticed that he’d been in Stoke today.

Now, Stoke is where my daughter goes to University, where she is a comic book art course. I then noticed the banner at the top of his Twitter account appeared to be related to 2000 AD – it’s genuinely hard to make it out entirely but it appeared to me to be that. So I tweeted him, just to let him know about the Uni course, as they have close ties with 2000 AD. To my surprise, Johnny replied.

So, I copied in the Twitter account for the Uni course and thought nothing more of it.

The next thing I know, there’s a long conversation going on between Johnny and whoever runs the course Twitter account. It just so happened they were sat in a pub enjoying a pint with one of the 2000 AD artists (John Charles), not far from where Johnny was sat in his hotel. They quickly arranged to meet Johnny before he had to get his train, Johnny even getting drinks in before they arrived.

It wasn’t until later that I found out just *how much* of a 2000 AD fan, Johnny is – particularly of Judge Dredd. Indeed, he was written into two pages of the comic as a Judge, an example of which you can see below…

Anyway, the conversation on Twitter that then took place is great and I’m genuinely pleased that Mr Vegas got a chance to meet John Charles and vice-versa.

But what  a set of coincidences brought all this together!

  • A trending topic led me to Johnny’s account
  • I noticed where he’d had been that day and his 2000 AD header
  • I happened, through my daughter, to know about the Uni course
  • The courses account, for whatever reason, was being monitored that time of night
  • They were with a 2000AD artist
  • They were close enough to each other to meet up

Naturally, I took advantage of the situation 😉

If you’re reading this Johnny, I hope you got that Lego Sandcrawler made that you got from Santa – it’s a cracking model and one of my personal favourites 😀

At the top of the post is a picture of the “get together” that Johnny published on Twitter the next day – John Charles, 2000 AD, is on the right-hand side!


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