Is the UK Government removing the subsidy for blood test strips?

*really important*
I would like to highlight the government removing the subsidy for blood test strips. Diabetics need very frequent blood testing 5+ times a day. The cost of strips is £70.00 outcome reduced blood glucose testing and more hospital admissions from hyper or hypo glycemic Diabetes . . . I am asking if everyone could put this as their status for 1 hour. I’m pretty sure I know the ones that will. Think of someone you know or love who has or has had diabetes. My hope is that in 2017 a cure will be found. Will you post it for 1 hour? To honor those who have fought or are fighting diabetes.
Hope to see it as your
status. Copy and paste, don’t share

Have you seen this status posted into Facebook recently, with that last line to try and get you to share the same information? As with many of these ‘please share’ stories, it’s not true. Well, no, that’s not true either. This is actually a story from Australia, where, yes, this has been the case. But not in the UK.

Snopes has, kind of, covered this but only where it’s been changed to look as if it’s a US news story.

Personally I hate the type that try emotional blackmail to get you to post something too…

Will you post it for 1 hour? To honor those who have fought or are fighting diabetes.

If anything this is LESS likely to get me to post it. And, let’s be honest, is sharing that post going to help diabetes? Not a jot, it doesn’t even educate the reader on the subject. If it wanted to do anything it would suggest funding to one of the many charities, raise a petition or, as I say, educate people on the disease.

BTW, do you spot the spelling too – ‘honor’. Kind of gives away that this may have been modified from another (non UK) source.

Anyway, ‘just say no’ friends. This is the kind of ‘fake news’ that gets dangerous, sex-pests elected as Presidents.

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