My Smartphone History

Yeah, I know this is an odd subject but I couldn’t quite remember which phone I had when so I did some research and noted them down.

2008 – Nokia N95

The all-black version with a slide-up screen to reveal a keyboard. Apps were in Java and were pig-awful to install. The OS in general was abysmal and this really wasn’t a good start for my Smartphone ownership.

2010 – T-Mobile G2 Touch

My first introduction to Android and it was lovely. This phone is most well known for its ‘chin’ and, for me, the trackball at the bottom for selecting items (I never used it).

2011 – Samsung Galaxy S2

I remember little about this phone, which says a lot about it – it was pretty boring. I do remember being rather frustrated at the lack of updates that it received – Samsung do have a habit of having little to do with devices once they release a newer, shinier version and the S3 put paid to this.

2012 – Google Nexus 4

My first foray into the world of Google phones and I loved the Nexus 4.

The sparkly glass back and rounded corners were a bit off-putting but I loved the regular updates and vanilla Android experience.

2013 – Google Nexus 5

Possibly my favourite phone, looking back. Again, with the vanilla Android and regular updates but now a much bigger screen and much higher specification.

It’s still going today as it’s now owned by my eldest daughter. It recently had a battery replacement, after 3 years, but otherwise is absolutely fine. Updates have stopped for it, though.

2014 – OnePlus One

Hankering now for an ever larger screen I bought into the hype for this phone and the sheer amount you got for the money. The reality was different though as Cyanogen walked away from the OS and I suffered regular software issues.

Possibly my most disappointing Android phone.

2015 – Google Nexus 6P

After the disappointment of the OPO, I moved back to the friendly Nexus family and the 6P didn’t disappoint. Possibly the most expensive phone I’d paid for up-front, its software reliability was greatly appreciated.


2017 – iPhone 7

Yes <gasp> it’s an iPhone – the one phone many people thought I’d never get. However, with a job that involves use of Apple products, a matching phone makes a lot of sense. And the iPhone Upgrade Programme is rather excellent value too. What this means, though, is that every year I’ll get a new iPhone.

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