The Amazon S3 Outage and the basic mistake that they made

Amazon Web Services (known as AWS) provides a number of web-based products but their most popular is probably S3 (Simple Storage Service). It provides ‘cloud’ storage and is used by numerous sites and businesses throughout the world. Last night it stopped working and that had an impact on many people as a result – probably, most noticeable for some, IFTTT was completely offline as a result.

However, something else didn’t work.

That’s right, Amazon’s own status dashboard didn’t show S3 as offline because, well, it was dependant on S3 to show it.

Some thought they knew the cause…

But that appeared to not be the case…

It would appear that it changing colour is dependant on an RSS feed, and that’s what was on S3. However, this hasn’t been confirmed.

Let’s just hope this wasn’t correct…

None-the-less, making your status page dependent on the service whose status the page is reporting, is probably not the best idea.

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