The weirdest thing about getting older…

Now in my late 40’s, I’ve been lucky in that my age hasn’t really had a great effect on me. My eyesight has changed and my hair has got greyer, but these are all the norms. Ok, hangovers are pretty much more intense now but, yeah, my bladder remains normal and my bones are no less creaky than they ever were, so I consider myself lucky.

But there is one change, I’d say that’s occurred over the last 10 years, that’s particularly odd – my sensitivity to weather. A change in barometric (air) pressure can cause headaches by creating a pressure difference between the surrounding atmosphere and the sinuses, which are filled with air. Some people are more sensitive than others but, in my case, it’s become a lot more sensitive in recent years.

The effects are headaches and congestion when air pressure drops (I had an earache last night, as a black cloud loomed and there were reports of storms nearby, which later moves to the front of my head). My gran always said she could tell of impending bad weather due to her arthritis which, as bizarre as it may sound, is also a genuine effect of it too. But, for me, the headaches can be quite intense, sharp shots of pain from different areas of my head as well as quite sudden and bad nasal congestion.

But, as I say, considering the ailments that can afflict those getting older, I consider myself lucky that this probably the worst. Odd, none-the-less.

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