Fish on Tour

Last night I went to see the excellent No Such Thing as a Fish on the first night of their UK tour. It was a fantastic show and I highly recommend it.

It consisted of two parts – an initial 45 minutes with the "Elves", each doing their own presentation about the year. There was then an interval followed by an hour long segment, during which they recorded a podcast for broadcast next Friday (once released I'll add a link to it in this post). It will be interesting to see what is included and what's not (the Podcast is usually 40-45 minutes, including ads).

After the show they were even around to sign copies of their new book. It was at this point, whilst making me way through the foyer (I'd love to have bought the book but somebody – albeit I don't know who – has already got me it for Christmas), that I found myself next to Elf Andrew "Drew" Murray. Anyway, this lead me to Tweet about the encounter this morning, which ended up with me having a brief conversation with him about it. If you don't fully understand some of the references, it does contain a few in-jokes that you need to see the tour to fully understand.

Although I worded it for the sake of humour, I did genuinely think this. Andy is quite tall but is quite skinny too (and I think he had pretty skinny-fit trousers on that helped with the allusion too), which meant he looked extra tall on stage (as if he was about to stride over his fellow Elves at any moment). But, away from the stage, he just looked tall. Not a disappointment, just an observation 😉

James, on the other hand, looked magical… 😀

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