You remember that Gutenberg toxicity?

Back in September I talked about the toxic elements around Gutenberg. However, whereas most of it involved anger and bad language, last week it took a more sinister turn.

Not surprisingly, this was swiftly reported to Twitter by someone and the tweet was taken down (and his account was limited for 12 hours too). But the author, Edward Silha, didn’t like it…

“Don’t like criticism”? 🤔

No, Edward, I suspect someone (and there’s a good chance it wasn’t anyone from the core team) doesn’t like you asking for people to be killed. It was that bit, and not the criticism, that got you into trouble.

The ironic thing is that he posted up this the month before…

Yes, that’s right, he’s actively telling people to make sure they report things on Twitter they don’t like. I guess some people don’t like the taste of their own medicine.

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