When a Brexit Leaver gets owned by their own friend

A friend shared a Pro-Brefix meme on Facebook, all about the benefits of living outside the EU in Switzerland, but forgot that a mutual friend of ours was Swiss. It didn’t end well.

Here’s was the original meme that was shared…

And this was the rather glorious take-down…

As you know I’m Swiss and I think I have a bit of knowledge in this.
The most important ones on here being: Switzerland not adopting any EU rules: absolutely wrong statement. Switzerland is under most EU legislation by the European Court of Justice and we quite like the Human Rights act. We also have to go by any trade rules if we want to export anything to the EU.
Secondly, a statement they didn’t make in this list: Switzerland is in Schengen and has adopted freedom of movement with the EU which in turn led to the stated “free trade deal”. Nothing in the world is free. 
Switzerland has about 12 bilateral contracts with the EU which regulate anything from cheese export to technical trade barriers. It took years fir These treaties to be negotiated and they still get renegotiated regularly.
To Switzerland being rich af. Yes, true. But that has nothing to do with not being in the EU in the slightest. It’s good education, hard work and a lot of luck not to have been totally destroyed in WWII.
It’s just not as simple as a meme. Your PM realised it and a lot of the major leave campaigners have done so too. Otherwise, they’d deliver solutions and not just opposition.
I’m happy to talk more about the Switzerland EU relationship and why it is not quite suitable for the UK.


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