What is wrong with vegetarian and vegan food that looks like meat?

Recently, there was an outcry (well, from from some quarters) when Greggs introduced a vegan sausage roll. On all accounts it was a success with them regularly selling out and review saying that it was like the meat-based version.

But a lot of people were unhappy. You see, some people believe that vegetarians and vegans should not consume anything that is “pretending” to be meat.

If it’s not got the meat based ingredient in it, you can’t call it a sausage roll!

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The logic is pretty screwed up.

And the same then occurred when Sainsbury’s announced Vegan prawns.

OMG! Don’t eat meat because of ethical reasons but want it to look like meat. Says it all really

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And this is becoming, more recently, a typical response. But in that last example, the case was put very politely to them a number of times, but each time they seemed to be unable to grasp the concept that for those giving up meat because of animal cruelty, then eating food that looks like meat isn’t in anyway being unethical. The simple answer is that no animals were hurt to product a vegan prawn.

But there’s another aspect – for those going meat-free or for the ever growing number of people having meat-free days, this kind of good product is a great gateway. If you stuck falafel and tofu under people’s noses, they’d probably not try to give up meat. My personal saviour has been Quorn Vegetarian Steak Strips, which I love. Cooked with some oil, salt and pepper and added to a salad… Mwah.

But, for reasons I’ve yet to fathom, some people won’t be happy unless vegetarians and vegans are only seen eating nut-cutlets.

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