An embarrassing look

I’ve been suffering from a bad shoulder since the beginning of the year (it turns out that I have a frozen shoulder) and, yesterday, I had my first physiotherapy session for it. Because of the ongoing pandemic it was via video call.

However, I should have maybe chosen a different room other than my home office to do it.

Let me first give some context. My office is at the front of the house, overlooking the street outside.

During my call I was asked to demonstrate how high I could get my arms in turn. I was asked to hold my right arm in front of me and slowly bring it up straight, which I was able to do. I then tried the same with my left but was only able to get it to about 60 degrees. So that she could better see, I held it there. At the time I was stood up, facing the window. People were below.

Suddenly, I realised how it looked below, standing talking confidently, with my left arm raised at that angle. It brought to mind a certain scene from Father Ted.

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