Why do businesses use open statements as their taglines?

Company slogans or, more often, taglines often leave me bemused. Often they tell you no more about what the company does, so if it’s not obvious from their name, you’re pretty stumped.

But the one that’s amusing me more right now, is the open statement. They leave you to finish it off, without explicitly telling you that they’re referring to themselves. They think it’s clever. It’s not.

Here’s an example…

A bakery shop, named "The Cornish Bakery". Underneath their name is the statement "For a taste like no other go to a place like no other".

“For a taste like no other go to a place like no other”


If you’re talking about yourself, say so. What’s going on with a company that lacks the confidence to say that.

Or there’s…

A picture of a number of empty plastic bottles - above is the sentence "Nottinghamshire Does".

Nottinghamshire does what? Terrible at cricket? Nothing? I’m assuming from the bottles and the recycling sign that it means that Nottinghamshire does recycling!?! Like every other English county. Odd. But, maybe, just say it.

Possibly my favourite, though, is…

Two women are laughing, one of whom is covering their mouth as they do. The slogan "At the Halifax, it's a people thing" is overlaid.

What do they do that’s a people thing? And what exactly is “a people thing” anyway?


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