Sabbatical: Week Three

As I come to the end of my third week of sabbatical, it’s time to look back on my first fully planned no-family-at-home and no-Covid time.

It’s not been a week of anything momentous but the starts of lots of smaller things.

  • I started at the gym – cycling there and back – with swimming occasionally too.

I’ve also started drumming lessons too.

  • That big task of my sabbatical – the shed – is coming to a close (to a point) too. I’ll post up before/after pictures in due course, but other than sorting through a box of nails and screws it’s pretty much all done. I’m actually surprised how little I have, certainly in the way of tools – I had the feeling the mess was hiding an Aladdin’s Cave of unused and unloved items but, nope, it doesn’t. At least I now know.

    After that is sorting out the bottom end of the garden so I don’t have to wade through a jungle to actually get to the shed each time.
  • I’ve also fitted a plate to the wall outside the house, through which my bike can be secured. It wasn’t an easy job to do but I got there!
  • I’ve also taken the time to push out revision updates to all my plugins (i.e. updating the README so that it shows that they’re all compatible with WordPress 6.0). As it’s Pride week I also took the time to complete some changes for my Pride Bar plugin.
  • I’m continuing doing the cooking at home, which my wife is appreciating. I’m continuing to do a lot of the meals that she does but this next week I’m experimenting with new recipes.
  • After putting up LED lights in my daughter’s room, she had a move around, causing them to be disconnected and for some to drop off her furniture. I spent some time this week putting everything back – it’s now better than it was before.
  • Speaking of Lucie, she’s been performing in her second show this week, which I went to see last night. I also volunteered for Front of House on Thursday, selling programmes to unsuspecting audience members!
  • It’s my last choir tonight (not by my choice, it’s stopping) and I’ve volunteered to bake cakes. That’s my job for today!
  • Lastly, I went to se a physio about my right hand, which has been giving me issues for a few months now. It looks to not be the tendons in my hand, as I thought, but a nerve issue potentially in my shoulder. For now I have some exercise to do but, longer term, are on a waiting list to have regular physio sessions for it.

This week – more of a lot of the above. Gym. Cooking. Shed. Garden. Drumming.

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