Sabbatical: Week Two

Well, that’s the second week over with. And thank God it is. Covid is not much fun, and I appreciate that I’m getting it at a time when the strain is weaker and I’m fully vaccinated too.

But, bloody hell, I’m ready to move on.

Although I continued to do “things”, it hampered what I could do but, also, I felt quite weak and tired. None-the-less, stuff did happen.

After writing my last post, the rain died down and the street party took place. I took some photos from a distance and enjoyed the cakes that my wife made, but otherwise stayed away.

I also finished the Lego Landspeeder too. It was a really good build and the end result looks, imo, fantastic (and has quite the weight to it too).

I spent some time starting the shed tidying. It’s going to be quite the effort but I’ve made a fair job of it already – hopefully I’ll get some photos up soon. Whilst doing this I’m working my way through Lucie’s “1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die” book (not reading it, but actually listening to the album recommendations).

I’ve also been out in the front garden pruning lavender. The resulting lavender has been placed in a box under Lucie’s bed to dry – she hasn’t realised this, yet, but I can already smell it. I’ve also been out and mowed the back lawn too.

As promised, I’ve taken over the cooking and this is the first week that I’ve done it all – Jen (who returned back to work on Friday) has appreciated the break. As well as the cooking this also requires me to plan the menus and order the food shopping too, so it’s quite a commitment of time.

Baking, on the other hand, is not my forte but I helped make fruit buns yesterday – in this case, with raspberries and blueberries (see image at the top). They are – officially – very nice.

I’ve spent time in the evening playing football with Lucie in the garden

But, as well as Covid slowing me down, there was also the fact that Jen was at home because of it and Lucie needed to get to school – transport was something we shared, so that took an hour out of each day too. On top of that is the general disruption of simply not being able to settle down to a routine.

That’s the big thing for this next week – routine. Gym (or swim) first thing and then outside to get work done. Drumming lessons on a Tuesday and then anything else I have planned.

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