Going for a tumble

blue and black bicycle lane

Like Thanos, it was inevitable.

After a couple of months cycling through the local park on the cycle path, I finally came a cropper.

An oldish man was walking in the middle of the cycle lane in front of me. As I approached I sounded my bell multiple times but he ignored me. I went to go around him and he suddenly moved in front of me (not intentionally, he simply wasn’t aware that I was there). A combination of braking and emergency turning and my bike was on the ground and I was on top of it.

My knee is badly scuffed and bruised but, otherwise, just shaken. My bike is making an odd noise that I haven’t, as yet, been able to track down – it may have to go into the cycle shop for a check-over.

The man was very apologetic but, pretty much ruining that, he kept saying that he hadn’t heard me. Even if I hadn’t tried to alert him, that doesn’t matter. As I angrily pointed out to him, “IT DOESN’T MATTER – GET OUT OF THE DAMN CYCLE LANE”. As I cycled off, he was still in it.


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