Sabbatical: Week Nine

We’re coming to the final weeks of the sabbatical now and I’ve already started writing a summary – what I did, what I didn’t, what worked and what didn’t. But that’s for another day.

For now, let’s talk about the last week…

Visiting Queens

Last Sunday we took the tram into Nottingham, had some lunch, did a bit of shopping but was mainly there to see Six: The Musical. A fantastic show – highly recommended.

Router the problem

And Monday started back on my (not) favourite subject… routers. I decided to give my Orbi routers one last try. I was disappointed with the Linksys Velop’s – the speed, particularly from the satellite router, was really quite poor. Anyway, slow and steady wins the race and after working my way, methodically, through resetting each of the Orbi routers and then setting it back up entirely from scratch, they worked. I put them back into place, but in a different set-up, spending time with a Wi-Fi signal analyser to try and ensure the best location, whilst ignoring my back camera (this causes the most issues and, in the past, I’ve set up my routers to try and compensate for it). Speaking of which, I have an electrician coming out this next week to move that back camera to an area that I hope will have better Wi-Fi.

Anyway, long story short – Velop’s have gone back to Amazon and the Orbi’s have (so far) been working absolutely fine. Maybe a reset did them some good.

Garden state

I spent a little bit more time in the garden, but not as much as I would have liked. I’ve finished clipping the water butt overflow hose around the fence, and it now drains off into the garden. I’ve also had a bit of a tidy-up, clearing away some of the debris. Finally, I’ve re-anchored the (now moved) trampoline, so it won’t end up next door the next time there’s a strong gust of wind.

Making a Bolt for it

From Thursday we were in Cambridge, at our friend’s The Bolts. We spent Friday in Cambridge itself and a calmer day on Saturday, enjoying the sun at the tea rooms at Grantchester (yes, THAT Grantchester).

And that was it really. A lot of the earlier part of the week (other than fiddling with home networks) involved lots of small jobs – out on my bike at the shops, taking parcels to the Post Office, etc.


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