Wanted: Someone to develop this app!

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So, here’s my pitch… a daily scheduler… no, stay with me, I know there are loads of these already… it works across platforms (web, desktop and mobile) but works by drawing in information from existing sources (e.g. To do lists, such as Todoist, and calendars, amongst others). Where content isn’t time specific, just a general date (e.g. to do items) then it will give you an option to do so, so you end up with a clear schedule of what the day holds.

That’s what I’d like and I’d like to think that others would find this useful too. When I look at current apps they want to re-invent the wheel and do all of this themselves – I’m a big believer in not being the proverbial “jack of all trades, master of none”.

That’s the pitch. It’s yours.


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