Amazon’s Two Pizza Rule

I saw this on Twitter recently…

You can read more about it here.

At first glance, it seems a good rule. But it’s not.

Rules should be simple, and many people think this is. Two pizzas, right?

But what size pizzas are we talking about? How many slices per person in the meeting? What do we mean by “feed” – a one-slice snack or everyone is starving and needing to be satiated?

Basically, it’s an analogous rule which is so full of holes and vagueness that it means nothing. Two small pizzas and the meeting is going to be just 2 people, surely?

What is this actually saying, though? Keep meetings small. So, just specify a DAMN NUMBER. If this represents, say, a maximum of 10 people in a meeting, say that. What this also doesn’t say, though, is “why”? Why is it important to keep the meeting small – what advantage does this give us? Smart-arse pizza comparisons tell us nothing.


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