Threads: How to create a link to your profile

Yesterday Threads launched, to much media fanfare. Right now, it’s staunchly app-only, with taking you to a pretty logo and a QR code that will help you install the app.

But, how do you link people through to your profile from, say, your website if there’s no web presence? After a bit of digging I found the answer…

Whilst there is no web presence YET, it looks as if this may happen, as we DO have a hidden online profile. This is mine…

So, the format for this is{your user name}, where you just replace {your user name} with the appropriate bit for you.

If you look in my site sidebar you’ll already see a link to mine. At the time of writing it’s showing as a generic “link” icon as WordPress’ Social Icons block doesn’t yet support it – however, I’ve requested this.

So, who’s going to be the first to write a WordPress plugin to embed this? 😉

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  1. Plugin for …? 🙂

    1. Good point. Now corrected!

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