Review: Garnier Intensive 7 Days Restoring Hand Cream

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Long name, right?

As a follow-up to an earlier hand cream review, I’d like to talk about the Garnier one that I’m now using.

Unlike the Dove, this isn’t at all greasy. It’s a lot thicker and rubs in quickly, with no residue. There’s a light, pleasant, smell to it and my hands feel softer and for a long time after applying it.

It boasts 2 specific ingredients – shea butter and L-Bifidus.

Shea butter, taken from the nut of the same-named tree, is well known for its moisturising properties – not surprising really, as it’s really just a lot of different fatty acids. The packaging doesn’t say what percentage is used but it’s about half way down the ingredients list, so I’m guessing that it’s not huge. Interestingly, there are also (lower) levels of olive and apricot oil present too.

As for L-Bifidus (Lysate of Bifidus), yes, this is the probiotic that you find in yoghurt drinks. They say as much on the packaging but then give a vague set of reasoning as how it could be advantageous in a hand cream rather than affecting your gut flora.

I didn’t find much online, other than how good it was, according to various hand cream manufacturers. However, I did stumble across this…

Many studies have shown that using probiotics containing strains of Bifidobacterium given to both mother during gestation and lactation, as well as to infants, can prevent eczema in infants and children. When it comes to treating eczema, the beneficial use of probiotics is mixed, and more research is needed to determine the benefits.

Verywell Health

There is more detail about how, applied topically, it could theoretically help. Theoretically. And it’s really only talking about eczema.

So, I’d take that with a pinch-of-salt. Reality is, it contains lots of oils and fatty acids that make your skin feel nice, and it soaks in quickly. I didn’t notice any difference in the appearance of my hands, though, so if you’re looking for something that makes them look younger, tighter, or whatever, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

At, it’s £2 for a 100ml tube, half the price of the previously used Dove product.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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