..And It's Gone

I only realised today that maybe describing the weekend as “looming” was a bit negative. In fact I meant the opposite – and it’s Monday, which is very, very depressing. I got a little tipsy Friday night, played a lot of Lego Star Wars and Liberty City Stories. Then Luis broke out a Megadrive that […]


They tell us to make our online banking access more secure, but remembering yet another password is forever becoming a more and more tricky business. Personally, I prefer to use software as a password manager. An Excel spreadsheet is one solution, but it’s not a very good one. I have been using Password Safe. But […]

Wedding Names

“So what are you doing with your weekend”, I hear you cry? Aside from punctuating things badly (see my previous post, and I notice the witch-queen Lynne Truss has launched a website asking for people to send examples of bad grammar), I’m off to a wedding tomorrow. I seem to have got to a point […]

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