Car Jacking Alert! the email went that I received from a good friend.

Apparently, a trick tried in the US is now coming over here. Car jackers place a piece of paper in the middle of your back window. When you notice it and get out of the car, they jump in and take your car.

Well, thank goodness I’ve been told. I can panic whenever I see a piece of paper on my car.

Except it’s all a load of rubbish, and I guessed as much as soon as I received it.

I wish – really wish – people would do some more research before sending out emails that could panic people unnecessarily. My mother-in-law-to-be was given something similar by a friend, all about how microwaving or freezing plastic containers can cause cancer. Except that’s rubbish too. But not before she’d told friends and family, far and wide.

Make Snopes your friend too. And in the case of the above two examples feel free to read the following:

Are parking lot carjackers placing flyers on rear windshields of cars?

Does microwaving foods in plastic containers release cancer-causing agents into the foods?

Does reusing plastic water bottles cause them to break down into carcinogenic compounds?

The thing is, by replying back to people with these links, I know people probably think I’m trying to be smug or just make them look stupid. In fact I’m just against people being unduly worried. Especially as it’s Christmas.

Ho ho ho.


What is it with cats…

… and hair balls?

The second time in about a month she comes in and throws up over the floor. “Thank god for laminate flooring” is what I say.

Just as we’re making tea as well.



Suited and Booted

I mentioned that I was going into Nottingham last Saturday to sort out suit hire… well the picture is the end result. What a dapper chap I look!

Until I got the bill. Ouch.

Never mind, it’s all worth it. And, yes, that is a cravat I’m wearing (after everything I said) – it’s one of the new styley types that can be tied like a, erm, tie.

I was tempted to remove my head from the picture, as I was unshaven and hungover at the time, with a serious case of bed-head. Thankfully it’s not noticeable (and thanks to my best man Luis for taking the picture on his camera-phone, the resolution of which makes such nice photos possible!).


Wedding Invitations

Our plans are already well under way, but the next milestone are the invitations. Gold and cream to match the general colour scheme for the wedding, they have been designed and hand made by Judy Zatonski who counts author Jilly Cooper amongst her customers.

Most of the money that Judy makes goes towards Greyhound charities.

The design can, exclusively, be seen here – I’ve not even put this on the website yet.

I’ve also printed all the inserts that go inside – these differentiate the cards between being reception and evening invites. This was done on some matching cream paper, but I’ve yet to cut them out and stick them into the cards.

The final, big hurdle is to produce some matching address labels – I’ve already brought some transparent Avery ones. I just need to get all the address together and design a suitable label.

Fingers crossed, the cards should be out by the end of the year.

Oh, and on Saturday I head into Nottingham with my best man to find some suits…. I hope I don’t end up with a cravat!


Junior Pumpkin Designer

My daughter, living up to her wish to be an artist when she gets older (probably illustrating books, she says), has been making her own pumpkin designs. Naturally, I’m very proud.

A few kids came round last night “Trick of Treat”ing – all of them were young, very cute, and very good about it all. And no eggs on my windows.

Thanks to my girlfriend, they all got sweeties to take away with them (normally I just turn a hose-pipe on them. Just kidding. I normally just don’t answer the door).

Meantime, we had to take the cat to the vets after she threw up about half a dozen times. A pointless injection later (the reason for which was never explained to us) and we were given no reason why it happened, but a hefty bill. Oh, and sachets of some food she should eat – it looked like the stuff she’d thrown up so she wasn’t keen.

So, all in all, a fun night.