Eh? What?

So, there I was last night, at 9:30pm, pitch black, driving along a back-country road. No houses. No street lights.

A car had just passed me so I put on my main beam for better visibility.

Then I pass a jogger. Yes, a jogger. On the pavement, jogging towards the oncoming traffic. Annoyed at my beam, he flashes a torch at me and then “flips the bird” to show his ultimate feelings. He’s jogging at night. Wearing dark clothing. And he thinks I’m being rude blinding him with my main beam. When I had NO chance of seeing him.

Sometimes people should really get a grip with the reality of situations.

I had a similar conversation yesterday with my brother-on-law about why people so rarely use their indicators any more. It’s simple – what’s in it for them? The indicator is to tell OTHERS what you’re doing. Why should they care about others? Why should they bother going to any kind of effort?

And equally, why shouldn’t the jogger get annoyed at me for blinding him? Why shouldn’t he be allowed to jog in an un-lit area wearing dark clothing and not expect it? Take it to it’s logical conclusion and we may as well just remove that full beam facility from cars – after all, when would you need to use them when such a situation wouldn’t arise?

And all this selfishness is just on the roads. Imagine the difference that can be made if we were less like this generally.


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