It's a barcode Jim

Ahh, the new Star Trek movie. I’m really looking forward to what JJ Abrams makes of it. And the new trailer looks pretty damn good too…


Anyway, after thumbing through some still images from the film, I came across this one showing, I assume, the bridge of the Enterprise (that’s Chekov at the helm)…

But, hold on, look at the middle of the navigation console. Isn’t that a role of duct-tape surrounded by a couple of Symbol Cyclone scanners? Sad and geeky I know, but I work in Point of Sale, so I recognise these things.

So, here’s my take on converting your work desk to look like the bridge of the Enterprise (I didn’t have a thick role of duct-tape so I used an almost empty role of parcel tape)…

Pretty realistic I think you’ll find.

Posted by David Artiss

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