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A paint brush, yesterday

A week ago I mentioned how I’m rather quiet, mainly working on a massive update to my YouTube Embed plugin.

Well, my original excuse of looking at moving house is still valid – mine goes on the market this week, so I’m busy painting, cleaning and anything else I can think of (oh, how my knees hurt!). And it’s my birthday this weekend, so there’s some preparation around that (lots of people coming to the house for a day-long party). Of course, once that’s over I’ll be ordering my PS3 and be engrossed in that. However, I hope normality will return soon afterwards.

The YouTube Embed changes are bigger than I thought – simply modifying the original code has become far too unwieldy so I’m going to be looking at completely re-writing the “back end”, as well as trying to come up with creative solutions to keep the code easier to maintain.

Update 14/04/2011

After a review of YouTube Embed on the Yoast website, I now have even more work to do! Joost has provided me with lots of suggestions for improvement. BTW, only 3.5 out of 5 stars but the best YouTube plugin he’s reviewed so far 😉

Oh, and after a house evaluation it would appear my painting of the kitchen was a success – the house price has gone up £5k since it was valued last year and they said it “looked like new” 😀