My Wedding Singer Diary – Part 2

It’s been a number of weeks since my last show diary update and I’ve spend two of those on holiday, so there’s not a huge amount to update on (although, to be honest, that first diary entry, setting the scene of what’s happening, was always going to be the bigger one).

Anyway, before I give an update, I’ve since realised that I have ANOTHER role in this show that I forgot to mention before. I’m a bridal bouquet. Yes, really. A bouquet that is thrown by the bride. Confused? Well, you’ll have to remain so, unless you come and see the show 😛

I think we’ve pretty much rehearsed the opening scene to death now and I’m confident in my “drunk brother-in-law” portrayal. I do wait until show week to really let tip with any performance, particularly anything that’s improvised. I just hope those poor, poor ladies in that scene are ready for it 😉

In fact, we’ve now finished the first act entirely, which means I’ve also sorted out my Donny character (it’s only a small part after all). Having said that, although I’ve gone through it a number of times before I’ve never done so with my scene partner, Jody. Having said that, Laura has stepped in and filled the part brilliantly (although it possibly helps that she’s played that exact part in the show for another group!).

The “love stinks” scene is also now set, with the “losers” having their own dance (it seems to me that pretty much any scene that I’m in involves choreography – I’m suspicious that Craig, the choreographer, is doing this to me on purpose).

So, we’re onto the second act, and this week we’ve been rehearsing the bar scene which involves me as the bum. Hooyah. Last night was hilarious as we set a dance to the song (the dance wasn’t hilarious, I should add, but more the delivery of some of our lines and our actions associated with that. If that makes sense). I also get to say some of my favourite lines. Of particularly, ahem, amusement was when I hug Sammy and say “everything will be alright”. I’m trying to make Rob, who plays Sammy, as uncomfortable as possible and, I think, based on last night it’s going pretty well. Naturally, show week, that will only get worse 🙂 I also enjoy the line”they rip your heart out of your ass” (imagine that said in a gruff, American voice and you get the idea). I’m disappointed that in the musical, though, that the line “sounds like a country song” is now said by Robbie and not the bum – I like that line!

My only concerns right now are costume related – specifically trying to sort it out. Most of it needs to be sourced by ourselves, which means I’m looking for various outfits that will fit me (which narrows the range down straight away) and would look right in the 80s. That’s currently at the top of my “to sort” list.

Anyway, that’s where I am but what about the show as a whole? Well, I’ve been lucky in catching all of the other scenes in the first act that I’m not involved in and, I have to say, it’s looking incredibly good. Very funny and brilliant performances from, well everyone, but particularly the leads.

Chris' Hair

Chris, btw, got his hair and beard cut and has raised over £1k for charity, which is amazing.

Rehearsals are well ahead of where they were planned to be, which gives us more time for specific scenes that could do with more time devoted to them. And that can’t be complained about – certainly, we should have an even more polished and honed show by the time that show week rolls up (bar my dancing).

That’s it for now. Expect a part 3 in a few weeks time. Meantime, if you’re interested in tickets you can head to our event page on Facebook for more details.

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