iLoveToReview – Genuinely free products or another scam?

Having highlighted in the past the results of signing up to I wrote a rather damning post basically indicating the old adage that there’s “no such thing as a free lunch”. However, I may need to change that because iLoveToReview does just that.

The site works on the basis that, well, it’s probably best if I let them explain….

These days, customers who buy products on websites like Amazon place a great deal of importance on the number and nature of the reviews being given by other consumers. Good reviews generally result in more sales while bad reviews cost sales. In short, product companies need reviews from real consumers in order to compete on websites like Amazon. As a member of you’ll be given products for free and get to keep them for giving them an honest review. It’s that simple!

So, you sign up – a mobile phone number is required for confirmation purposes but this not been mis-used by them since I provided it, many months ago. And that’s it – you just wait for an email to turn up to say a product is available. Decide whether it’s for you and then jump on it as quick as possible – all products have a finite stock of vouchers so it’s first-come-first-served. If you’re lucky the site will issue you a voucher which you can use on Amazon – most give you the product free, some give you it at a highly discounted rate. P&P is not included, so having Amazon Prime is handy.

The item turns up and you then have a number of weeks to review the item on Amazon – there are certain things you have to do, such as abide to a minimum word limit (it’s not much either – just 30 – so don’t panic that epics need writing each time) and add a disclaimer to any of your reviews. You then punch the Amazon review URL into the iLoveToReview site, where prompted, and it will confirm the review. You can only have up to 4 un-reviewed items at any one time.

So far I’ve reviewed 22 items, valued at nearly £350 (a running total is shown on the site for you).

However, if you expect items to be iPads, etc, then you’ll be disappointed. I’ve reviewed bike lights, hair brushes, towels and swimming goggles. Some tech products come up but not very often.

Is it worth it? There’s nothing to lose from signing up so, yes.

You can learn more about how it works from the following video. They also have a presence on Facebook.

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