My Wedding Singer Diary – Part 3

More scenes are now complete including, last night, one set in a shopping mall. Unbeknown to me I’m in that too, so chalk up another character for the show. Actually, no, two. I’m seen first of all shopping and then, later, in the dress shop trying to flog a bridal gown (so, I’m assuming they’re different characters). And if you want to see me dance with a mannequin then this is the time to do it!

But you know what this also means, don’t you? More costumes.

I’m actually doing quite well with my (existing) costumes – charity shops are my saviour and I’ve spent nothing more than £4 on any one item. The only thing I’m missing now is a brightly coloured blazer for “Donny” as well as the new additions (although I already have ideas for them). Speaking of which, it’s now been confirmed to me that Laura will be Tiffany for this scene, so all that rehearsing with her “standing in” for it hasn’t been in vain 🙂

So, costumes. Tick. Lines. Tick. Words to songs. (Grumble). Dancing. Let’s not discuss it. But, you know, there are still 6 weeks to go. I’ll admit that learning the songs have been helped by the fact that my wife and youngest daughter have become addicted to the soundtrack CD for the musical, so it’s forever being played in my car. However, some of the songs are such “ear worms” that I then can’t get them out my head for the rest of the day. Not as bad as rehearsal evenings, though, when I often can’t sleep afterwards because of catchy songs!

My hair is becoming annoying now. If you remember I’ve left it to grow so I can get it “mulleted” at the time of the show (and I’ve now booked myself in at the hairdressers to get this done) but it’s got to that stage where it’s just being a general pain. Other than that I need to start thinking about props and make-up at some point soon (the latter will be needed as “the bum”). Now, being the organised person I am, I always have a “crib sheet” for each show and this is no different. This is a few sheets of A4 which has all my notes on it, including any song words that I’m struggling to remember, what’s happening in each scene, costume change details, etc. Basically, it reduces the chance of me flying into a panicky mess show week.

Since my last diary entry we’ve also been rehearsing the bar scene further. With so many dances I’ve already forgotten the one that goes with me but, at least, I’ve learnt my lines.

Of course, nothing will beat the original…

And that’s it for now – I’ve not been needed for a couple of weeks so my updates are a bit sparse once again but, as we enter the home-straight, I’m sure updates will soon come thick-and-fast.

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