Beware the Bosch Cashback

Bosch have a current promotion where, on certain appliances, they will give you cashback via a pre-paid Mastercard. For my recently purchased washing machine, this was £100 – not to be sniffed at and certainly helped justify the cost!

But getting the cashback out of them is proving rather tricky.

On the 16th of March I completed their online form

The model number there is for my washing machine. The confusing thing is the second field – it’s labelled above as ‘Serial Number’ but then, within the field, asks for the FD and Z-Nr numbers. All 3 of these are on the machine, so I supplied the latter two. As there’s just one field to specify both the FD and Z-Nr number I put them both in, with a space separating them.

However, I suspect I did something wrong at this stage. Here, from their site, are the list of requirements…

The third one down lists the E-Nr number. Not the Z-Nr as their form then requests. I’d written down the former and, I think, that’s what I entered into their form.

On the 21st I was then emailed to say my claim was ‘on hold’ as I’d not specified my Z-Nr number. I headed to a page where I can change my existing claim but found I could only supply the serial number…

So I provided my serial number  and re-submitted my claim, albeit apprehensively.

Sure enough, I was emailed on the 24th to say it was, once again, ‘on hold’ but this time, bizarrely, because I’d not specified my FD number (one thing I know I did). As before, there is no-where on the form to provide this.

I’ve emailed them back but this is becoming increasingly frustrating as the information is inconsistent and badly labelled. I have all the information in front of me, ready to provide but they appear to be unable to ask me for it in such a way that it satisfies them.

It’s as if they don’t want to give me their money…. oh.

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  1. David Matthews avatar
    David Matthews

    They certainly don’t want to give you any money back. I had a similar experience with a Bosch dishwasher bought through John Lewis. I tried to claim the cashback but the form wouldn’t even let me enter the FD number. Every time I clicked on the button saying “I wish to enter my FD number” it just refused to progress any further and wouldn’t let me enter it or go any further with the claim. DON’T BUY BOSCH

  2. Steven Jerrard avatar
    Steven Jerrard

    This would seem to be ongoing for most people, we have had exactly the same experience and have yet to receive any cashback £70.00 on a Fridge Freezer purchased from John Lewis.
    I also had the same reasons for the claim initially being rejected, also nowhere on their form to put the FD number, which incidentally was very difficult to track down, nicely hidden!
    We are getting nowhere with Bosch or John Lewis despite our claim being approved on October the 5th!.
    We have researched this on line and it seems to be an ongoing scam since 2014, check out the Guardian article on line.

  3. stephen jones avatar
    stephen jones

    i have the same issue they rejected my claim saying i didnt give an ERN number, when i asked them for it they didnt come back to me and wont answer my endless e mails,seems a big scam to sell white goods

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