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How to navigate with co-ordinates on MZD-Connect

So, you have a Mazda with MZD-Connect and Nav but the address you’ve tried isn’t found. What now? Well, you can enter co-ordinates but doing so isn’t as straight forward as you’d expect.

Here’s how to do it…

  • Use the website to find the location you need to navigate to. Under the map that appears are GPS co-ordinates – these are the ones you want.
  • When selecting a destination in the SatNav, scroll down and choose ‘Coordinate’
  • You will now be prompted for latitude and longitude, as you noted down earlier – this includes all the dot, degrees and other symbols. Use the globe symbol to switch compass points.

Let’s use a real example. I needed to go to a postcode that the MZD-Connect Nav didn’t recognise – NG22 8TN. Putting that into it gave me the following co-ordinates…

53° 7′ 55.9236” N
1° 4′ 39.882” W

Now, when entering into the Nav menu, the first co-ordinate defaulted to ‘S’ (south) and not ‘N’ (north). This can be changed be selecting the globe symbol on the left-hand of the screen.

Once both were entered, Nav successfully found the location of the postcode that I was looking for.

Here’s a picture of a (different) co-ordinate being entered into the system. The ‘globe symbol’ that I mentioned previously is the one with the red background…

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