Remind me again… Scotland Yard?

I didn’t know there was a board game based on Scotland Yard, the home to the London police, until my wife stumbled across it on Amazon. The short descrition describes it thus – “Race around London to try and capture the elusive Mr X”. Reviews are positive and it’s a decent price.

But, there was something about its listing on Amazon that caught her eye.

It wasn’t the description…

Criminal mastermind Mister X has escaped Scotland Yard and it’s up to you, Scotland Yard’s famous detectives, to catch him! Use travel tickets chasing him by taxi, bus, and underground, around Picadilly Circus, along the River Thames, and through Paddington Station. Will you apprehend this dangerous criminal or will he disappear forever into the London fog?

That sounds fine. No, the thing that caught her eye was the first (more popular) questions being asked by Amazon customers…

That’s right. Despite all of the descriptions clearly mentioning London and the various landmarks, it’s being asked if this is in Scottish, rather than English.

I sometimes despair at humanity.

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