What’s on my desk?

A while ago I wrote posts on ‘What’s in my bag?‘ and ‘What’s in my pencil case?‘. However, picking up an idea that came from an internal discussion amongst some Automatticians, I now present to you ‘What’s on my desk?’.

Yep, that’s my home office in (most of) its glory. So, let’s identify what’s there.



  1. My MacBook Pro. This is the 2016 model, 13″. If the screen looks dark, it’s because there’s a 3M privacy filter on it. It’s sitting on a Rain Design mStand, with a USB DVD drive below.
    Apart from a USB converter cable plugged in the side of the Macbook, you’ll notice there’s just one other cable – this plugins into my monitor which has its own USB-C hub and also provides power.
  2. A black mesh pen pot. For all the stationary. And, yes, I have a matching waste bin too 😉
  3. A Hydra mug coaster. Hand-made, in multi-layered perspex, I picked this up at a Comic Con.
  4. Creative T30 Bluetooth speakers. They have a great sound for a simple stereo set. I also have a physical audio cable into them from my Amazon Dot (see number 10).
  5. A simple, but effective, USB desk fan, for those occasional warm British days. This uses 2 fans, back-to-back (one to suck, one to blow). For its size it’s very good, and is a recommended purchase.
  6. ShuttleXpress video jog/shuttle. I like video editing but this can actually be configured to control any app, so it’s great for simple shortcut keys, etc.
  7. The beast-like LG 5K monitor. Has a USB-C hub around the rear and built in speakers. I use the internal speakers for system sounds but everything else is pipped into the Creative Bluetooth speakers.
  8. This is a simple USB hub by 1byone. It plugs into the monitor via a USB-C connection but then proffers-up 4 full size USB 3 ports, in kind return. Velcro’d to my monitor stand, this is a handy way to get around the issue of the Macbook’s ports.
  9. A fidget cube. Because I fidget.
  10. An Amazon Echo Dot. This was given to me as leaving present from my colleagues at my previous job. It’s mainly used by my daughter, wanting to know what the weather is before she goes to school. It’s got a wired connection to the Creative speakers so the sound output is a bit meatier.
  11. Rain Design mStand for iPhone (and iPad). These are really good quality stands, and well padded too.
  12. A succulent. I like having plants around me when working. What you can’t see is the large potted plant behind me, as well as the large fern draping down from a shelf.
  13. This is a rather neat cable holder. Useful for all those items not plugged in that you don’t want to lose behind your desk. It’s made of rubber but has a good weight to it, preventing it from simply falling off.
  14. Apple Magic Keyboard. It has a really nice feel to the keys but I wish they’d come out with a new one with the Touch Bar integrated.
  15. Apple Magic Trackpad 2. I prefer this over the mouse (yes, I do have one).
  16. A Blue Microphones Yeti USB microphone, paired with a boom arm and pop screen. I’ve used these in the past for video voiceovers and work very effectively.
  17. A Jabra USB headset for VOIP calls and video chat.
  18. My rather splendid sit/stand desk, with adjustable height controls. This is the DeskRite 300, available from Posturite.
  19. My chair is the rather comfy Humanscale Diffrient World. All mesh and very simply built, I’d recommend it.
  20. Who still uses a landline, in this day and age? Me. And Panasonic make the best landline phones, imho. This is one of their DECT models.
  21. LED desk light. With multiple temperatures and brightness settings, it can also be fully adjusted. 
  22. A Dymo label maker because, well, who doesn’t like labelling everything?
  23. A TerraMaster hard drive enclosure. This houses two 1TB hard drives, configured in a  mirror RAID (RAID 1). I use this to store all my music, photos and videos. I’ve swapped out the cable for one that ends with USB-C.
  24. Tired, over the years, of going to make occasional use of my printer to find the ink has dried up, I eventually invested in a colour laser printer. This is the wireless Samsung CLP-415NW and is rather good for the money.
  25. With a battery-powered laptop, the biggest single-point-of-failure in a home office is the power taking out your internet connection. So, I have an APC UPS to provide power to my router in case of such an eventuality.
  26. A scanner is a handy thing to have. This is a vertical standing Epson Perfection V39. Again, I’ve swapped the cable for one that uses USB-C.

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