How to improve the Bluetooth on a Playstation 4 – Part 2

Okay, so my first attempt at doing this didn’t go well. However, now armed with the correct tools, will it go any better?

Well, I slide off the top section (which hides the hard drive, as this can be done without having to undo anything) and went straight for one of the screws I knew didn’t move last time… and it came straight out.

The new tools are a success.

So, I go straight in to try and find where the bluetooth antenna connects to the motherboard – it turns out, you need to remove the power supply, which is at the rear, under the bottom cover.

So, I remove the connector, replacing it with the new cable that I have. Here’s how it now looks, with the old cable just pushed out of the way (for now)…

After putting the power supply back into place, it was time to make a hole in my PS4 case for that antenna connection to go through – I find a nice space about half way back, on the left hand side (if looking at the PS4 from the front). Rather than mess around with drills, a simple bradawl and successively larger screwdrivers soon creates the hole I need…

I push the antenna through and secure it, before screwing everything back together. I also wrap up the old antenna with some PVC tape and secure it, inside, out of the way. The end result…

So all went well. Okay, maybe except for this…

I actually took everything apart again to try and find where this screw was meant to go but still couldn’t find it. I guess it couldn’t be too important.

But that’s it. All sorted. The PS4 booted up first time, without issue and the Bluetooth, at least, is no worse. I’ll do some more thorough testing over the next week or so, and report back how successful it all was.

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