Sabbatical: Week One

As I said initially, this week (particularly as schools were home) was always going to be a planning and build-up week.

However, it hasn’t quite ended how I wanted it to.

Yes, that’s a test result for me, taken last night.


I’ve been able to avoid it until now.

I’m not feeling great, I’ll admit, but I’m determined to try and continue the best I can. My wife is positive too, although it’s just a feint line as we think she had it earlier in the week (and was probably who gave it to me).

Today was also the day that the street was going to be closed for a jubilee street party but it’s absolutely nailing it down with rain and isn’t due to stop much during the day. On top of that, Lucie was unwell yesterday, which adds extra anxiety for me. I hope she’s well enough for her drama rehearsal today as she only has 2 weeks until her show.

More positively, I’m now officially the cook of the house so will be making tea for everyone today!

I’ve re-arranged a few things due this next week but will buckle down with other sabbatical plans, weather permitting (having said that, I have a fine collection of inside jobs to do too, albeit a lot of them require me to have sorted out my mess of a shed first, so that I can find the tools I want 🤔

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